Our skin forecasts prejudices and sets social markers on how we identify and relate with one another. For sure, this is a fact that I am very familiar with. I have often found myself at those crossroads, but now I am faced with peeling back yet another layer that I have found the utmost insecurity in. I know my race, but not a single clue about my ethnicity.


(Aliyah Johnson, Blog Post, 4/28/13)

Today is April 30th, 2014.This quote was extracted from a post that I wrote while I was studying abroad in London an entire year ago. During that time I had experienced my blackness in a wholly different way- and to this day I still am. Since then I haven’t learned much more than what I already knew about my ethnicity, as there is limited information that I have access to in respect to my familial ties and relationships. However, the most noteworthy part of it all is that I’ve become more knowledgeable and aware of all things related to identity. I’ve been more inclined to aim at understanding the expressions, traditions, and social contexts of plenty people’s heritages and backgrounds. In essence of it all, that experience prompted a spark in my inquiries and my sensitivities.

I encourage you all to do the same.


Living Life to the Absolute Fullest

Ay dios Mios! Ms Millie I’m so proud of you! You write so eloquently. Keep up the posts. I’m watching from afar!


Hola people who follow me!
I first wanna give a shoutout to everyone who reads this because I never expected this blog to get over 250 views!! You all are the reason I’m still writing so thanks!!

Also, this post will finish up my trip to the South, since all I’ve been doing this week is going to class and doing homework. (It’s like real school, ew!)

So last Saturday, we got to learn about the role of a Lawentuchefe (La-when-too-CHEF-eh), which is a specialist in herbal medicine. It was really cool to hear him describe the process of becoming a medical specialist in the Mapuche community. The people who fulfill these roles are not just doctors, they are revered as having a knowledge that no common man can possess. They can read people’s spirits and heal people, and are looked up to as leaders in their towns. So of course…

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My closing remarks


London- I will return, but for how long? I’m not sure.

Might I live there? It’s a possibility, but nothing that I’m banking on at the moment.

I would love to say that I wouldn’t change anything about my experience, but that wouldn’t be true…

Nonetheless I have definitely learned from my mistakes and I’m ready for the next time around.

I spent a lot of time getting to know myself. My independent living in London will be on the forefront of my mind for a very long time. Here it is several weeks later and I still recount instances in London, Paris, and Amsterdam on the daily. I replay in my mind as if it were only yesterday. There is always something to remind me.

My perspective on life, frame of minds, philosophy, ethics, race, ethnicity, orient, class, politics, relationships, family, friendships, spirituality, religion, travel, food, health, education, & my sense of self has been indefinitely altered.

What was my favorite part? The gospel concert at Ruach City Church. I met James Fortune and Fiya and Anita Wilson, but aside from that I truly enjoyed my Sundays. Those were the days I felt most comfortable- on those days I took solace among a group of unfamiliar people, of whom I know nothing about. Afro-Caribbean worship as I experienced it was free, and elevating. It was the culture x the worship and That was an atmosphere  I could hardly ever capture in the states…

I took some French speaking classes! so yes… your girl is sort of Bilingual! Ha!… doesn’t that sound good? Ne me jugez pas (Don’t judge me!)

I felt like I ran out of time in the end. There were many things that I would have liked to do, but like I said. I’ll be back!

Blessed Beyond Baltimore

Here it is… The world is my oyster & who would have ever thought- a little lady like me, single parent- family home, raised by my mother… from the Baltimore city public school system to a border line Ivy League Institution- a $200,000 education on another man’s dime! What are the statistics? what are the odds? &&& I’m not bragging. This is just my testimony.

Western High school, Bucknell University, a semester abroad in London- & then some- I’m making my mark. I’ve set foot on Emory University, the Center for Disease Control, and Columbia University Medical Center for the summer. These are just my stepping stones!

The World is Mine! #WontHeDoIt